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JUST A DOG - a reconstruction

hege haagenrud

What were we actually talking about? Bears? No it wasn't, it wasn't about bears.
6-12 years Dancing Theater



A physical and visual performing arts experience - a fierce symbiosis between dance, parkour, technology and media. Two parkour athletes balance on a...
13-19 years Dancing Contemporary circus Crossover Other/new genres


Kompani Giraff

Meet two contemporary circus artists who build living sculptures out of ordinary objects and their own bodies! With acrobatics...
3-8 years old Contemporary circus

Owned by Oslo Municipality - an adventure


If the system owns the words, the system also owns you. Owned by Oslo Municipality is the story of Prinsessa. She is in...
16-19 years Theater Musical theater Storytelling Other/new genres

Little Swan Lake

Claire Parsons Co.

Welcome to a slightly different version of Swan Lake! Here, the graceful white swans give way to three slightly...
6-8 years Dancing Contemporary circus



Join us for an interactive dance performance based on digital games. With sound and light, the room becomes a game room. The performers...
9-12 years Dancing


Cirka Teater

A little lion is full of playfulness. When a random piece of paper flutters by, the hunt begins. Strange animals and characters appear...
3-8 years Puppet theater

The face of the road

Julian Karenga

Experience a coming-of-age story inspired by myths and fairy tales. We meet the boy who tries to put together the pieces of a childhood...
16-19 years Theater

No One

AKIMBO Theatre Company

Strange events have started happening in Wellston - haunted pubs, demonic forces, a woman has gone missing. No One is...
13-19 years Dance Theater Other/new genres

Rock me Baby

Øystein Elle / Capto Musicae og Karstein Solli Produksjoner

Join us for a dance and theater concert for the youngest - with catchy rock riffs and melodies, sparkling costumes and...
8 years old Dancing Musical theater


Framifrå teater

Meet iSak-a highly successful artificial intelligence. It is programmed to provide assistance to people in need of care, so that they can...
16-19 years Theater

The Blue Clad

Salten Friteater

"Once upon a time there was an old man and a little boy. They had made up many adventures together. And one...
9-12 years theater Storytelling


Rom for dans

Three giant ants arrive in the schoolyard. They don't speak, but go about their business, organizing and placing what looks like...
6-8 years Dance Theater Performance



Asian tradition meets technology, welcome to the realm of Riuchi. Through an inspiring journey that echoes the classic archetypes of the Master...
6-19 years theater Contemporary circus Crossover Performance


Braza productions

What do hip-hop and Nynorsk have in common? Experience a staged cultural clash, where one says something about living...
13-19 years Dancing

Påkemon (with Å)

Madam Pysj

Ketchup has finally turned ten years old and is ready to leave his school days behind and start...
6-16 years Theater

The adventure

Robsrud & DeaN

Two boys are playing and find an old book in an old chest. Out of the book comes the adventure that begins...
6-12 years Theater Puppet theater Musical theater Storytelling


Plutselig Sirkus

Join us in a magical universe! Meet two curious clowns and a musician on a journey of discovery in a...
3-8 years Musical theater Contemporary circus

BRUDD - freedom is a small word

Biniam A. Gezai, Hege Gabrielsen og Øyvind Jørgensen

Raw, strong and vulnerable dance theater, based on inmates' experiences. BRUDD is a dance theater about being an inmate and excluded...
13-19 years Dance Theater

The agents and the dangerous mission

Feil Teater

A very mysterious box has appeared in the schoolyard. Where did it come from? And what is hiding inside it? Something...
6-12 years Theater

Easter Moon Wishing Sun

Thea Borring Lande produksjoner

Anyone who sees the sun dancing on Easter morning can make a wish! Far north in Svartdalen where the big mountain...
3-8 years Theater


KompaniTO og Fonomonik

In Under the skin, three acrobats play with challenging the body's possible transformations. Thoughts about the future and their relationship to their own bodies...
6-12 years Contemporary circus

Everyone has a small door by their ear

VFH - produksjoner

Join us on a musical journey and meet the goose who wonders who she is, the dog who has a storm...
3-12 years Theater Puppet theater Musical theater



Meet a soul-searching trio of three men who, through a humorous, absurd and acrobatic movement pattern, invite you into the...
6-19 years Dancing

Lava Forest

Ingri Fiksdal

Mysterious creatures grow out of the floor. They have crooked backs, tentacles and beaks. They creep and crawl and spin and...
6-8 years Dancing

Library-Karen's Library

Sagliocco Ensemble

Librarian Karen's library is full of books! And just like in kindergarten, there are many different departments. The department for...
3-8 years Theater

Warm milk with honey

Maiken Schjøll Frisch

A romantic comedy about a lifelong relationship between two women. With playful ease, an important story is told, which also stings and...
13-19 years Theater



What can a woman be? Is there anything today that she cannot or should not be? Is there anything female...
9-19 years Dancing


Transiteatret-Bergen / Tore Vagn Lid

An hour in a state of emergency. It's now over ten years ago - it's already history: A timeline stretches...
13-19 years Theater Puppet theater Musical theater Crossover Performance theater Other/new genres

Peace in the forest the green

Margit Myhr

Have you ever ridden a dead moose that crashes through a dense spruce forest so the twigs hit you in the face,...
6-12 years Dancing Theater Musical theater Storytelling