Why even bother is a very complex performance that can be difficult to follow at times. The play is about a man, 27-year-old Joakim, in his late 20s, who plays out various situations that most people have to go through in everyday life. Like that one night when you really need a good night's sleep, but your brain decides to ruminate on your whole life. Suddenly, your eight-hour sleep has turned into a two-hour nap. After good laughs throughout the show mixed with a bunch of self-deprecating humor, it emerged that he Scrooge, really, was quite dissatisfied with life, and himself. 

The performance consisted of only one actor, and he had recorded voices for many different roles and had conversations with himself. You got an insight into his thoughts. 

We SUS-ers thought this was a very good performance, and the fact that the play included several different elements of performing arts gave the performance a little more life. It had a lot of humor and a lot of playing on self-irony, which often hits the audience very well. The self-irony eventually turned into self-criticism, which was a big shift in the performance, and at the end he takes a different angle and talks more about underlying, more sad feelings. 

Several of us thought that this was one of the best shows we've been to so far, and it dealt with several themes and was very entertaining. We thought he was a very talented actor as well. There were many everyday thoughts that we gained insight into, the fact that everyone could relate and the fact that he had so much self-irony made it very funny.

Written by the SUS editorial team 2019