Two Wolves is a story based on ancient myths and stories from Native Americans.

This version features many different characters that can be found all over the place. A gregarious whale, a crow with COPD, a DJ octopus, two rapping cockroaches and many more. The story has a strong moral compass that guides the boy towards goodness.


The story is about a 10-year-old boy who is the eldest of three siblings. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother. With his father out of the picture, a lot of pressure is put on the eldest son to help out at home. He got tired of just being good so he steals several thousand kroner from his mother. When his mother finds out that he has stolen, she is furious. The boy escapes into the forest in the middle of the night. Along the way, he meets many strange animals that are not quite normal. He meets a crow that smokes, a ping pong frog and two rap cockroaches (personal favorite). He learns an important lesson about life from the rap cockroaches. After that, the boy meets his mother and all is well in the end.

Communication method

The performance was set up as an adventure story with rap, beatboxing and live looping. In addition to the music, the story was carefully choreographed with movements and sound effects from the beatboxing. It's aimed at younger children, but we think it's suitable for all ages. It was very entertaining even though many of the jokes were meant for younger children, there were also some jokes that not all children may have understood. The rapping, beatboxing, live looping and choreography were also very impressive and professional.

The message

The message of the performance is to be kind by taking care not to cultivate bad feelings. You have two wolves inside you, and you choose which one you feed. The one you feed "wins" and helps to influence how you behave. The performance is written and performed by DJ and beatboxer Beatur and slam poet, rapper and actor Taro Vestøl Cooper.