Two Words! is an interesting performance, written by the French playwright Phillipe Dorin, and presented by Sagliocco ensemble.

This was the third performance we saw on Thursday. We knew that this performance was a little different from what we had seen earlier at the festival. Excited and expectant, we sat down and watched a performance that was exactly what we thought, a little different.

In this performance there is a woman, her bag, and a chair. As she removes her belongings from the bag and talks about them, we learn about her. Each item has a meaning for her. For example, she starts with "I like..." before talking about what she has in her bag. During this process, the audience is told a story, a story that takes an abrupt turn from the good, to the risky and uncertain.

This show makes you feel a lot of things after it's over. We in young voices had a lot of questions after seeing it, but this did not stop us from enjoying it. This performance had a very simple stage setup. The only stage effects were one light bulb hanging from the ceiling and some spotlights. The performance itself is only narrated by a lady. Nevertheless, we have nothing against simple performances. We were told that this was part of the goal of the show too. In a world with so much going on, we need breaks, and that's part of the charm of Two Words!

Our opinion of the play is that it can be a little confusing for many young viewers. The meaning is not entirely clear, and we didn't really understand what it was about until our conversation with Phillipe Dorin afterwards. There's not necessarily anything wrong with this. A lot of people want the show to make you think a bit, and not everything should be clear. Even if it's incredibly frustrating!