Passer min beat? is a collaboration between theater students from Nordic Black Xpress and The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. The piece is about feeling a sense of belonging to a place. The performance is a mix of theater, music, dance and poetry. The script is very well written, with exciting use of symbolism and metaphors. Something we particularly liked was the use of repetition, where the expressions they used were constantly given new meaning throughout the play. They started the performance with lines and comparisons that didn't make much sense in the beginning, but eventually took on a meaning. 

The play is performed by talented actors, who surprise us by also being able to sing and dance. At the same time, they have talented musicians who work closely with the actors. Several of the musicians had their own role in the play, and suddenly they do unpredictable things like start dancing, playing football or responding to the actors' lines. You can see that they have worked well with communication, stage design and script, and it was therefore a very nice and impressive performance. 

As an audience member, we felt that we were part of the action, and that we weren't just watching something happen on stage. The actors asked more questions to the audience, and were in a way aware that we were there.

In this play they were very creative with the set design. They didn't use a lot of complicated sets, but used the same sets to create different scenes and scenarios in cool ways.  

All in all, we think this performance was very fun and exciting, and recommend it to everyone. 

Fits my beat by Nordic Black Xpress and Det norske kammerorkester

Venue: Pilot Stage, Kloden Theater

Duration: 55 minutes


Director: Christine Yangco Helland

Composer and musical director: Håkon Berge

Nordic Black Express: Farqaleet Iqbal, Anna Trindade Eriksen, Khadeeja Ahmed, Hanna Ocide Kidula, Cesilie Geanina Jørgensen, Turid Rachel Bråthen, Mobeen Shayan Ahmed, Jules Akvama, Akram Khan Nasir, April Klarisse Notvik Kristiansen, Sunniva Moratiwa Greger Mathe and Jawad Aziz.

The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra: Catharina Chen (violin), Bjarne Magnus Jensen (violin), Hanne Skjelbred (viola), Audun Sandvik (cello) and Tomas Nilsson (percussion)

Assistant director/director/communications/PR, Nordic Black Theatre: Kamelia Javadi

Scenography workshop: Jad El Khoury

Illustration drawing (stage design): Valiente - Alberto del Castillo

Lighting design: Shiva Sherveh

Sound design: Asle Karstad

Technician: Truls Hannemyr

Poster drawing: Sunniva Moratiwa Greger Mathe

Photo: Neshat Shirazi

Coordinator: Anne Røthing

Information and marketing for The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra: Euishin Kim

Information and marketing for Kloden teater: Johanne Hidle

Producer The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra: Eirik Tonnem

Producer Nordic Black Theatre: Jarl Solberg

Producer for Kloden teater: Mari Haugen

Co-producer: Kloden Theater