Unfortunately, our time in Showbox and as SUSers is now over. We think this is really sad, and we really wish we could be involved again! It's been long days and late nights, but it's been so much fun! We've seen so many interesting plays, spent time together as a group and we've learned a lot of new things! We've probably gotten better at writing reviews, and have learned more about performing arts! Now we are left with many richer experiences and more knowledge, while at the same time getting to know each other even better!
Here's what each SUSer thinks about being part of Showbox:

It's been an exciting, stressful and educational experience. It was a week that had me laughing, crying, staying up late nights writing and hanging out with old and new friends. I've learned a lot about performing arts, writing and developed as a person.

Incredible experience that I will never forget, yes it was exhausting but I got to do what I love so much and see performing arts. It was really something I would recommend to everyone, incredibly fun.

It's been a really fun and educational experience. I've seen a lot of shows, met new people and learned a lot. I've gotten to hang out with the other SUSers, which I think has been really nice! We didn't know everyone equally well beforehand, but this week has meant that we've gotten to know each other better, and maybe even ourselves. I think Showbox is a great festival, and I think it's important to have places like ungestemmer.no, where young people can express themselves about different things, not just performing arts. I hope the festival continues for many years to come, and that future SUSers have as good an experience as we have had!

It was an entertaining experience that was much better than being at school. It was also really fun and exciting to see how different plays can be. Before this I had only seen a few plays and they were all quite similar. This week has really shown me how good and different plays can be.

I've never been involved in anything like this. It's been great fun, but also a bit exhausting. I'm sad that it's over, but incredibly happy that I joined. Some of these performances will stay with me for the rest of my life. I'll never forget it.

Beautiful pieces that leave an impression on you. i had 5/6 favorites. this has been an unforgettable experience, the people around us were also kind and nice to talk to, i love theater so this was spot on for me. Very tiring, but it was worth it, here I come next year too and watch.


As you can see, everyone is very happy with their time in Showbox and as SUSers. We're all very grateful that we were able to participate, and we recommend that those who attend Nittedal ungdomsskole in the future sign up for this when they're in tenth grade! We also recommend other young people to write here on ungestemmer.no! If you've experienced a form of performing arts, write about it afterwards! As Camara Joof in "Pavlov's bitch" says: "Your voice is important!"

We would like to thank everyone from Showbox and Scenekunstbruket! A special thanks to Elin, Ådne and Tobias! It's been incredibly nice to get to know you! Thank you so much for giving us young people the opportunity to experience and write about performing arts! You've smiled all the time, followed us around and made sure we've always had a good time! You deserve all the praise! Thank you so much for an incredible week! We wish you lots of luck with the festival in the years to come!