This was a performance that appealed greatly to children. We follow the main character, Matilda, who can sometimes feel lonely, but can find comfort in her own imagination. Out of her imagination, she has created the fantasy character Petit, who lives on her sweater. She uses her imagination to travel around the world with the help of books together with the librarian Amin and the imaginary character Petit.

The performance is well suited to the set age group which is 6 years old. The actors showed a lot of energy and were very energetic which made the children more engaged in the play. The play had a childish cover, but can be interpreted in a deeper way so that it also appeals to the adult audience. Languages such as Spanish and Arabic were also used in the play. This can be difficult to understand for 6-year-olds, when even we struggled to understand the plot at times.

All in all, this was a very good play. The actors really got into the roles and got the audience involved. They didn't use a lot of scenery, but the play still had a sense of unity.