Ønskedrøm was performed at Det Andre Teatret, and was a play that was much the same as "tjue beste minutter". There were some similar actors and both plays were based on improvisation. Everyone in the audience had a great time despite the fact that some of the scenes the actors had to redo.

The stage design was simple, with artificial grass laid over the stage and a tree in the background that could be climbed. and climb in. This tree had clothespins with patches on them that the actors had hung there just before the show. The actors were Ingvild Haugstad, Stian Gulli and Mikkel Niva, Director: Nils Petter Mørland. Mikkel wore jeans, flannel with a belt with a gold buckle, Stian wore a superhero costume and Ingvild wore an Indian costume. This was a fun element that was included a lot in the improvisation.

The play consisted of the actors improvising some of the audience's dreams. The performance is suitable for almost everyone, and was incredibly entertaining. I think such performances are good because there is often no deeper meaning between the lines, but just simple creative entertainment. Unfortunately, I did not get to see part 1 of "Crime and Punishment", but I had a great time at Det Andre Teatret with this play.