Underart is absolutely the best show I've seen in a long time.

There was a lot of acrobatics in this show. Some were thrown into the air and did backflips and double front flips. It was the tricks I was most impressed with, the fact that they dared to be thrown up and do a backflip. You really have to trust each other to be able to do this, you have to trust that the others will accept you. And as one of them said: risk is what you take. It was really cool to watch, and it was almost like a circus (maybe even better). There was a lot of dancing too. It was almost a bit like gymnastics, one of them was very soft. She walked on her hands and down in bridges and stuff like that.

A little too much at once

Sometimes there was a bit too much going on at once, so it was hard to keep up. You kind of had to decide what to follow, so you got confused sometimes. Some were thrown, while others danced. It got a bit chaotic at times, but otherwise the show was good.


Cirkus Cirkör brought musicians with them on the tour who played and sang. The music was well suited to what was happening. The singer was very good at singing. It's a bit difficult to describe the music, there was so much different music, they played some macarena among other things. It was a bit funny. I've never heard that kind of music before.

The theater as a whole

The performance is recommended for both young and old. "It was a fantastic experience. It was absolutely incredible to watch them. The acrobatics, the dancing and not least the music. It's something you don't see every day, people balancing on planks (not stilts) and people being thrown in the air and doing incredible tricks.

Girl 9th grade