We in SUS have discussed for a long time whether we should give some kind of "grade" after each play we have seen. We all disagreed quite a bit. Some thought that we, as amateurs, don't know enough to give a specific numerical value or similar to a piece that someone has worked hard on. We were afraid that those who read our posts would only look at the grade, and not at what we wrote. That it would prevent others from reading our opinions on the play. On the other hand, we also thought that being reviewers actually involved giving such a decision and in the end we decided to give a type of grade, but one that would not be very visible. And to make it a little less official, we chose teddy bears.

We give a maximum of five teddy bears, where five is the best. Furthermore, you can give full or half teddy bears, depending on what we think of the play. The teddy bears shouldn't be the whole point of the review, but a kind of conclusion or summary of it.

"It was quite difficult to figure out how we should give teddy bears based on the performances. Should we judge according to what the target group was like, i.e. try to see the performance through the eyes of the target group, or give our own opinion? Since we are the young voices of Scenekunstbruket, we thought that the most important thing was to review the performance from the young people's perspective. For example, if we think a piece is too adult for us, we review it accordingly. We therefore choose to emphasize whether the performance is suitable for the target group or not as part of the review.

At SUS, we don't have very clear lines about what we should judge by. If there is something special about the performance that sets it apart from others, either negatively or positively, then of course we include it. We write about what's good and what could have been better, what we felt and how we reacted to things. In addition, we look at effects and the like, which create the whole picture. If we felt what the show wanted us to feel, that counts as very positive.

We really hope that no one feels provoked by our teddy bears. We're only doing this because we think it's right. Also, I don't think we're the harshest critics either. Our teddy bears are only meant to help readers get a better picture.