The show began with a man coming in and starting to play the piano, and then the rest of the band arrived. The band consisted of 4 lovely people, two slightly older people and two younger. Labyrint is a Norwegian band.

Karoline Kruger & the Mrs. Nitter Rhythm Section consisting of: Sjur Hjeltnes (piano), Eline Sundal (cello), Snorre Bjerck (percussion) and Karoline Kruger (accordion and vocals).

When the rest of the band arrived, Karoline asked if we were ready to watch and if we wanted to listen, everyone started shouting "Yes!", and then the show began. Karoline sang and introduced her friends in the form of a song. She mentioned several times that the rhythm was special in their songs.

During the performance, the audience had a lot of fun as the artists joked a lot and it made the audience laugh. After the first song, Sjur showed us how to applaud in Italy. People started clapping and saying"BRAVO!". Then Karoline started rhyming again. This time she said one word and the audience had to respond with another to rhyme with hers. It was a very cool experience. When Karoline said "sausage" people didn't answer anything that could rhyme with this word.

All the songs they played had rhymes, and I think their goal was to make most people have fun and laugh. It was even easier to make people laugh when the artists went out of their way to be funny, and they managed that very well. People were constantly focused on what was going to happen next because of the good impression the artists gave. Throughout the show there was always a lot of movement, which made it even more interesting to watch.

Their stories were told in the songs and included movements, the songs were really cool. For example, the song about the butterfly that never moved from India to Lebanon, even though it was his greatest wish. Afterwards, they did a kind of skit about rhyming letters. Karoline sang, while Sjur responded with the funny words. As they played, the audience clapped their hands to the rhythm. Eventually, we were going to do a dance to the song, which involved the audience folding their hands above their heads and making movements with their heads and whole bodies.

Then came the song about Egypt. The song said that a pyramid was as big as two football fields. The song also said that the Egyptians laid stone on stone and that's how the pyramids were built. People from the audience repeated "Egyptians " several times to get the rhythm. At this performance, the audience laughed a lot, and I noticed that the artists had great contact with the audience. Karoline also told a story about the flute man, and while she sang, Sjur played the flute. The story was about the flute man, who suddenly got his mouth stuck once he was playing.

Finally, the audience helped to sing a song about the elephant. It was difficult for the elephant to run, so they sang the words "run hambo, hambo hambo run, run". People were very happy with the show, and I heard a lot of good feedback about the concert. I personally think they were great and that it was a fantastic experience.

Written by Wiktoria Kaszuba (Wiky)

Photo: Charlotte Larsen