Konrad kråkebolle og andre fjærfanter is a concert where Lena, Knut and Erik have composed songs based on New Norwegian poems about life in the fjord and its rocks.

This is a concert for children, and the target group is 3-10 years. The concert had a lot of varied music, and is good at engaging the little ones.


In the concert, many different types of instruments were used: vocals, drums, synths and different types of glockenspiel. All the songs were different, which we think is a good thing, and the concert included both ballads and genres such as rock and jazz.

"We think it's a bit difficult to assess this concert given that we're so far outside the target group, but we thought it was entertaining. There were some kindergarten children watching, and they seemed to really enjoy the concert. It included a bit of dancing for the audience to join in with, and while we thought it was a bit awkward, the children thought it was great fun.


We think the target group should have been a little smaller. We think that three-year-olds wouldn't understand what was happening and wouldn't enjoy it, and that nine- and ten-year-olds, i.e. fourth and fifth graders, are old enough to find it awkward and boring.


All in all, it was a nice concert for the little ones, but perhaps not quite suitable for anyone aged 9-10.


Anniken and Johanne