This piece is a mix of music and philosophical thoughts. The SHOWBOX program says "Poetic musical theatre for children, based on a Czechoslovakian TV series from 1978."

The play starts with a brother and a sister after what seems to be the end of humanity, where all that is left is metal, the brother seems to have lost some of his mental health and tries to stay fit with old facts he knows; like the speed of a leopard and wind. The sister looks more mentally stable. They find old junk and start playing, after a while they meet someone I think must be Majka who is an opera singer. They will try to fix the world again.

This play has some amazing people behind it, from the actors, the songwriters, the stagehands and everyone else is doing a fantastic job. The costumes are interesting, they're supposed to be made of metal, but it's hard to work with so they have milk colored clothes and robes, the stage looks like they've been to a junkyard and brought all the metal and scrap. The songs are beautiful and very well played and sung. It is aimed at children, but is quite slow and no action so children can get bored so a little older fits well. I and all the others enjoyed this one very much.