Ine Hoem with band on stage.

At the Rabalder Festival in Molde, Ine Hoem had a great concert with a band put together for the occasion. Guitar, bass and drums were the band. Ine used a small keyboard for some songs. She sang and told about her own favorite songs from her childhood. There were lots of different and nice songs. It's nice to listen to old songs you know a bit about.

Ine Hoem did most of the singing and talking on the microphone. It was fun that she talked a little with the audience between songs and asked us about topics related to the songs. The guys behind the instruments also helped to chorus and sing on some of the songs, but for my own taste, they could have been a little more involved in more songs. It would have been nice if they were also involved in making sounds when Ine Hoem asked the audience to join in singing. But all in all, it looked like a successful concert.

There was a good atmosphere both on stage and among the audience. Nice connection between the songs, with a little chat to prepare us for the next song. Ine also seemed to be enjoying herself on stage as she talked about her childhood thoughts. I would recommend this for children between 2-8. They can learn some songs that have been important to many in their childhood and it's also fun for parents to hear old songs again.