Igor og fetterne was a fantastic performance with lots of music, and lots of fun for both young and old. Igor and the cousins consists of a group of 4 people. Namely Igor, Elvis, Daniel and (- Almir). Almir, who plays the accordion, unfortunately did not get to participate in the music market this year, but they solved it in a nice way without him. A nice, fun and very musical way to tell their story. Namely the story of when they came to Norway.

There was a nice balance between singing and talking. They sing and talk about their experiences of snow, food, etc. They also included some of the traditional Norwegian children's songs, just with a little twist. With lots of varied music, including violin, guitar and vocalist, it was a truly unique experience. They were good at bringing the audience into the show.


They were also very good at explaining so that the children understood what they were talking about. So this is guaranteed to appeal to most people between the ages of 6 and 12, which is the target audience for this fine children's show. But it may also appeal to some of those over the age of 12. 


- Thea and Anniken.