This was an interesting performance with a serious theme, but performed with a lot of humor. The play at Teater Hysteria was composed of several short stories about what it is like to be a nurse. They showed both the good and the bad aspects of being a nurse, and gave us a new perspective on the nursing profession. 

There were two actors on stage, and they improvised a lot. They communicated a lot with the audience, which made us feel that we were included in the action. The humor they used hit us very well. It was fun that they played on prejudices and human thoughts and feelings that you can understand and relate to, and used these in a funny way. 

The show was probably most related to adults, as there are some things we can't yet relate to, such as work and parenthood. Even though there's a lot we don't recognize, we still understand it and laughed a lot. 

All in all, it was a great show and a good experience.

By Teater Hysteria

Venue: Oslo Nye Teaterkjelleren

Idea/concept/contributors: Stine Hemmingsen and Martha Lubiana

Playwright: Tonje Dreyer Sellevoll

Stage designer: Vega Drake Carlsson

Composer: Lisa Skoglund

Lighting design: Ruben Westerli

Graphic design: Santihoff

The project is supported by: Norwegian Culture Fund, SPENN, Fund for Performing Artists, Fritt Ord, Bergesenstiftelsen, Tromsø Municipality, Fund for Freelancers, RadArt, Troms and Finnmark County Council, TONO, The Norwegian Composers' Fund, Composistenes Vederlagsfond

Partners: Rådstua Teaterhus, Oslo Nye Teaterkjellern, Kloden Teater