The theater performance ¨JørgenMoesvei nr 13¨is a very humorous performance for 5-10 year olds, but don't be fooled, because both adults and children will help fill the hall with laughter and fun! Perhaps more than the children, possibly much more than the children? What could this mean?

The performance took place in a theater, and we were introduced to Miss Bo and her assistant Møne. They are here to tell us that Miss Bo's company is going to demolish Hjertnes, with the help of large and frightening excavators, creatures that only belong in nightmares! In the background, Møne is crying over the impending doom of Hjertnes. This reminded the mature Miss Bo of her childhood home, Jørgen Moesvei no 13. Thus begins the story of the doomsday of Jørgen Moesvei no 13. A story filled with childish quarrels, violence, violent emotions, play and much more.

As I, a 16-year-old, witnessed this wonderful play, it struck me, with a 10-ton pile of bricks, that this play possibly should not be for the 5-10 year group. Among the audience there were heaps of children and adults, yet it was only adults I heard laughter from. There were only a few times when I could hear the laughter of what were undoubtedly small children. This only happened when we witnessed a very violent scene, a fight.

The show was full of jokes that only adults or older children could understand. A good example of one of these jokes is "Adult lifesucks ". This is definitely impossible for children to understand, they simply don't stand a chance. The pinnacle of exaggeration was, of course, the violent scene where they destroyed houses, which the kids loved.

The adults loved the adult jokes, which the children couldn't understand, yet the children also found something entertaining during the violent scenes. The performance was also full of contradictions, but again it was only the adults and the older children who understood it. It's only because they simplified the story that the children could understand it, yet I don't think this was as entertaining for the children as it was for the rest. believe it or not, the adults also enjoyed all the childish moments, it may have brought childhood memories up from the coffin? This is why I highly recommend for everyone except children.