Our opinions:

  • Touching
  • Made us think
  • Opportunity to self-reflect
  • A bit monotonous
  • Nice and simple on stage
  • Good light used
  • Creative use of wheelchairs

Hannah Felicia is a fantastic dance performance that shows us a large spectrum of love. The performance portrays both the ups and downs between two people who have a dear relationship with each other regardless of what kind of relationship they have with each other. In this performance, the audience had the opportunity to reflect on the piece and interpret it themselves.

Something we noticed about the performance was the good use of light, in that the light followed the dancers and knew what was in focus, we also thought it was good how the wheelchair was not only used as a means of transportation, but also as part of the dance, we also thought that the stage was simple, but still nice. This meant that several of us perceived the performance as moving. We don't want to give a specific target group for this performance because it can be good for a wide range of ages, but it is probably best for those who are particularly interested in performing arts.

We disagreed a little about the performance, with some people thinking it was fantastic, while others were less enthusiastic, which created different impressions and was thought-provoking about the complex theme of love.