Galaxy Empire

This is a fascinating and topical monologue about gaming addiction, with a theme that affects all young people (and maybe some of the adults too). Who doesn't recognize that you only have to do one more thing on your mobile, and then you disappear completely into the world of the game.

Actor Pål Andre Holdahl manages to engage the audience in the story. He takes us into his virtual world where he fights his wars and forges his alliances with fictional beings and other game enthusiasts. Holdahl's intense acting and good timing make this experience both fun and frightening. The performance is accompanied by simple but effective use of light and photo/film on canvas.

The performance can largely be used to start a conversation about mobile use, gaming and addiction in and outside of school. It shows how people are losing interest in real life in favor of the fantastic online life where they can cultivate their own dreams and create their own world without resistance.

We consider this performance to be highly relevant for both middle and upper secondary schools.

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