Ever After

"Ever After" is a truly hair-raising production combining dance, physical theater and elements of contemporary circus. With these means, the performers show the interaction of a couple trying to cope with each other. In the beginning, there is total harmony, but eventually the cohesion is challenged by familiar emotions such as jealousy, comparison, envy and repulsion.

The performance is characterized by an unusually strong physical expression where, among other things, one of the actors is hoisted up by the hair. Our hearts were in our throats several times during the performance, but we were engaged by two very talented artists.


What we are most left with is the fantastic mimicry, the body control and the fact that emotions can be shown to such a degree without words.


We're not sure if it's wise to recommend this performance for fear that the long, beautiful hair of one of the dancers will fall out. But God, how effective it was!


Jokes aside: This is a great story, entertaining and with innovative dance at its best.

Highly recommended!

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