The Annoying Bus is a play made for children who don't have the opportunity to go to the theater, this is what they did in Belgium where they went around to schools and showed children this bus.

The bus is a real bus, but it won't be moving much during the trip. The bus is actually a kind of very small movie theater.

The bus has taken out all the seats on one side of the bus and set up projectors to show a movie. The movie they're showing is of a street in Belgium, but of course you don't need to know Belgian to watch this movie. This street isn't an ordinary street, of course, but a weird street where a bunch of people show up doing all sorts of silly things. There's so much happening on screen that you're bound to miss it all. Which was really fun for the kids because there's always something going on. It's happening from one side of the bus to the other and also on the ceiling, it really spins you around.

The movie is mainly made for children, but me and my gang are 15 years old and we found it quite entertaining. So if you're a parent who wants to take your kids on this trip you won't be bored to death. The only negative thing about the show was that the chairs were terribly uncomfortable.

From what I've seen and heard, I'm pretty sure this show is suitable for children 5-10. But can still be watched by adults, if you feel like watching a movie with lots of weird people doing weird things.