Blikk is a performance about gazing among girls in the schoolyard.

Blikk is about Canan, who is ready to start secondary school and hopes to get a new start without exclusion and bullying, she differs from the others in that she does not wear branded clothes and the wrong makeup.

The other four characters we meet are "Her Majesty", Ella, Nadia and one who was not named. Her Majesty is the leader of the group of friends who bully Canan. She has perfect makeup, trendy clothes and big parties. She's seen as much better than the others and sees her friends as lackeys. She's also very good at making eye contact.

Nadia, one of "her majesty's" friends, is all about social media. She cares about likes, hashtags and comments and a little later in the play she posts a video of "her majesty" being fired by Canan who turns the story around. It gets over 1000 likes and many comments. She has long hair, trendy clothes and a good amount of attitude.

Ella is loud, happy and open to everything. She likes to express herself through clothes and acting. She has long curly red hair and a strong side parting. She wore a cropped sweater, cargo pants and gives a good expression to the audience. I think she was our favorite.

We recognized ourselves in the performance, and the fact that you have to fit in and almost hide yourself from others. They were good at singing, dancing and talking in sync.

We were impressed that Canan could shout with so much passion and emotion on stage. The performance itself was well set up and suits the age it is aimed at. Every time they looked at the audience, they looked at us, which included us in the performance and the story.

We highly recommend this performance to young people from age 13 and up.

Written by Julia Adamska, Vera Adamovic and Gaia Nielsen