The performance is on tour in Den kulturelle skolesekken in Akershus and on their website we can read:

Floating Landscape is a mix between installation and performance art.

Slowly, the four dancers transform the school building by moving with, on top of and through almost 1000 meters of vines. The vines create temporary sculptures, cover large areas, and will be adapted to the building at each school - both indoors and outdoors. Floating Landscape takes place in the common areas of the school, accessible to everyone. In addition, the fifth and second grades will be involved in transforming the school with the vines. Pupils and teachers choose whether they want to be spectators or participants in the project.

DKS Akershus

Landing says:

The lianas are inspired by external landscapes (nature) and internal landscapes (body).

Through Floating Landscapes , we want to get in touch with audiences who do not choose to seek out contemporary dance. We want to raise awareness, comment on, influence and challenge the activity that normally takes place in the public spaces in which we realize the project. Furthermore, we explore the boundaries between art and reality, process and performance.

When the children arrive at school, the company is already in place and has transformed the surroundings with the sausages. Floating landscapes take place at the school and around the pupils throughout the day, with the children themselves participating for 45 minutes.

Floating landscapes are not part of Scenekunstbruket's repertoire, but in the process of assessing performances, the artistic council travels to performances such as this to see them together with the target group.