Our main target group is the youngest part of the population. Together with our partners Kloden teater, Vega scene, Sentralen and Teater Manu, we at Scenekunstbruket and Showbox are deeply shaken by the terror and acts of war. 

Day after day, it turns out that children and young people are hit the hardest. We demand a ceasefire on behalf of all children and young people affected. This is not about religion or ethnicity, but about the fact that all children and young people are of equal value and have basic rights such as protection, health care and enough food and drink.

In light of the tremendous suffering that is unfolding as we are about to host a performing arts festival for children and young people, we have decided to donate 10% of the proceeds from Showbox to Save the Children. 

Save the Children writes on its website: "In recent weeks, we have witnessed unimaginable death and destruction in the Gaza Strip and in Israel. Thousands of people have been killed, injured and displaced. As always, it is the children who suffer the most. Save the Children has been present and supporting children in the occupied Palestinian territories for 50 years. They stand ready to help the children and the civilian population with water, food, shelter and psychological first aid as soon as the situation allows. The humanitarian situation for families in the occupied territories was precarious even before the conflict escalated. The need for help will be enormous in the time to come.

Would you also like to make a contribution to Save the Children's work for young people in vulnerable areas?

SMS: REDDE to 2230 (75 kr/month) or GAZA to 2230 (350 kr)
VIPPS: any amount to 2230
Gift account: 7050 06 35280