Testing communication scheme with cultural center 

In 1994, the journey began as a dissemination scheme for performing arts, and since 2001 it has included organizers in The Cultural Rucksack. In our anniversary year, we want to take this a step further and look at the opportunities that exist in this scheme. We have therefore established a collaboration with Norwegian cultural centers to carry out a pilot project that gives more young people access to professional dance and theater.  

In the pilot, we invited cultural centers to join forces and form tour loops, where fees and travel expenses for a tour in either autumn 2024 or spring 2025 will be covered by Scenekunstbruket.  

A total of 16 cultural centers receive organizer support to carry out tours with performing arts for young people!

There was an overwhelming response to the tour pilot we launched earlier this spring; as many as 52 venues from all over the country applied for organizer support from us. This confirms that the country wants more performing arts, when the interest from the cultural centers has been so great. We have selected three clusters; from Finnmark and Troms in the north, to Agder in the south and Vestland in the west.

This is a celebration of Scenekunstbruket's 30 years, but also of the performing arts for young audiences and of Norwegian cultural centers that want performing arts for children and young people in their local environment.

We take the party out into the country

In order to meet friends, colleagues and performing arts professionals from all over the country, we have been lucky enough to be invited to a small toast at several festivals from north to south. We therefore invite you to a small anniversary toast at Stamsund Theater Festival, and at Markedet for Scenekunst. See you there?

Betting on Young Voices

Twelve years ago we started the Young Voices website, and this year we're focusing on performing arts criticism with young people. The website has a new and fresh look, and we are establishing several youth editorial offices around the country. We are also in the process of establishing year-round editorial offices.

One of the inspirations for Young Voices was the Talking Shop project at the Stamsund Theatre Festival, so it's extra nice that we now have a local editorial team at this year's festival. A small editorial team of secondary school students will follow the festival, and on Saturday you can hear about their experiences in a kitchen table conversation with performing arts critic Anette Therese Pettersen.

In the run-up to Hedda Days, young people will be writing and filming, and on June 13 they invite you to an informal kitchen table conversation in the Beehive at Det norske teatret, where they will lead the conversation and set the premises.

Together with the journal Jaja and Framtida.no, we will collaborate to publish performing arts criticism written by young people. The collaboration came about after a criticism seminar in Fjaler, spring 2024. The collaboration with the theater festival in Fj aler and Marked for musikk, which this year is in the cultural capital Bodø, will also continue.

Anniversary party

The performing arts field, friends and partners are invited to a big anniversary celebration in May. When we turned 20, we published the book Scenekunststen og de unge and looked at the amazing history of Scenekunstbruket and the performing arts field for children and young people. When we turned 25, we celebrated the performing artists and the field by creating Gulljerven. Like most 30-year-olds, we're celebrating ourselves this year, the scheme that is our origin and expands the work of giving young people a voice in the performing arts field. And from time to time, we ask ourselves: what should Scenekunstbruket be in the next 30 years?