We were promised an interesting and educational lecture and Kyrre Bjørkås (lyrics, vocals, video and drums), Eivind Henjum (keys etc.) and Jørgen Skjulstad (keys, programming, violin, div) did not disappoint. We knew very little about what we were going to see and hear - and they want to keep it a secret, so I won't reveal too much - but it's a lecture I won't soon forget. They talked about the wet history of the movie kiss - something that became a common thread throughout the show - and of course had descriptive video clips and tailor-made animations.

Kyrre was a good storyteller and knew his material quite well. He was funny and good at improvisation. The music they used was a little out of the ordinary, but fitted well with what was happening on stage. Their theme - kissing - is a taboo subject for young people that is not talked about much. The fact that Kyrre talked so openly about it can be awkward for some, but most people - like myself and my co-blogger Tia - thought it was fun and educational. They all came across as very professional.

This type of concert lecture can be held in gymnasiums, but preferably with projectors with good color resolution.

Tia and I highly recommend this talk.