The 2016 Performing Arts Market is well underway, so it's time to introduce those of us who have had the pleasure of writing about what we get to see these days, the young voices.

This great group (if I may say so myself) is the theater line from Skiringssal Folk High School here in Sandefjord. We go by the "catchy" name sceneliv 360′, and over the past year we've done musicals, children's theater and are now working on a dramatic play. So as you might imagine, we're a very theater-obsessed bunch, who are looking forward to three days full of theater.


The team consists of:
Jeanette Nystuen Jakobsen, 20 years old from Tromsø
Kristian Starheimsæter, 19 years old from Hakkadal
Camilla Hindborg, 19 years old from Drammen
June Kristine Olsen, 19 years old from Inderøy
Thomas Normann, 20 years from Stokke
Camilla Bern, 19 years from Kolbotn
Maja B. Risan, 20 years from Trondheim
Sandra Østreng Tyrhaug, 19 years from Oslo