Rhythm and slide is a blues concert arranged by two of Norway's leading blues musicians. This is a concert where the artists play unique blues songs on many different instruments. 


The concert takes place in a dark room with only a few lamps illuminating the stage. The audience sits on either side of the artists and this makes the concert feel more personal and special than if the artists were standing on a stage above the audience. In between songs, the artists talk and in one of the songs they include the audience by allowing someone from the audience to come up and play with them. We thought this was a fun twist on the concert. As I said, they used many different instruments, including some homemade ones in one of their songs. This created variety in addition to the fact that the songs were so different, which meant that the concert was not boring. Even though not all of us usually listen to blues, we all thought it was an entertaining concert. The target group is 10-16. We think it can be suitable for anyone over the age of ten. There were quite a few adults in the audience and we could clearly see that they were enjoying themselves. Both were very experienced at what they do, and have clearly been doing what they do for decades. This is a perfect concert if you're a fan of the blues, but also if you've never heard it before.


Johanne and Thea