Ritsj is about a creature that comes to our world, where they discover duct tape. They see all the fun things they can do with tape, such as rolling it back and forth. 

The start of Ritsj differed from other plays in that the fairytale characters came jumping into the room a little way into the story. The young children could then watch the characters running outside the window. 

This performance is intended for the age group 1-6 years and I think it hits the spot. There was a very cozy atmosphere in the room where they had the performance. They had hung up strings of lights and we sat on cute little cushions where there was no very clear distinction between the audience and those on stage. The children seemed to think it was funny that there was "a mega tape" and that they were allowed to clean up after these tape bags. All in all, it seems like a cozy performance for young children.

Greetings SUS 2019