The first show we saw on Wednesday was Lars is LOL. Still a little tired, we were told to take off our shoes and sit around the stage. Suddenly the lights turned off and it was on.

Lars is LOL is a theater, based on the youth book of the same name. It is about the story of a girl called Amanda. She is an elementary school student who is really looking forward to having a godchild. After an already bad day at school for Amanda, she is told that she will not be sponsored by a first grader. She is to be the godparent of a boy her own age who has Down syndrome.

Throughout the performance, one actor played all the roles. We were excited to see how she would manage this. This turned out to have no effect on our immersion in the play. Somehow she managed to change roles continuously, without creating too much confusion.

We thought Lars is LOL was a great show, with a particularly ingenious stage. The stage was a prop in itself. Through the use of lighting and sound effects, we as the audience were drawn deep into the action. During several important events in the performance, the stage effects helped to shape the mood.

"If there was anything we could have changed, it would have been the seating. We got quite tired of sitting on the ground for so long.

We were told that the show was intended for children around 9 years old. We ourselves believe that the show has a much larger target group. The show has a theme that is relevant to people of all ages. Because exclusion is something everyone knows about, no matter where they are in life. My grandmother could have enjoyed this performance just as much as a fourth grader.