Today's kickoff was the children's performance Kandisia.

Kandisia is the best country in the world. This country is located on a planet shaped like a heart and Kandisia is at the top of this heart. It is the richest and best country in the world to live in. Kakkadue is a little girl who comes from a country at war, but after several years the authorities in Kandisia want to send her home.

This is a performance that addresses the important topic of asylum seekers who are forced back to their own country where it is not safe for them to live. This is a performance where the kids get to decide the fate of Cockatoo by saying what they think. They get to be on stage and help the three actors Anders Rummelhoff, Jarl Flaaten Bjørk and Solveig Laland Mohn (Kakkadue) with tasks such as raising the 17 May flag (which is celebrated every week) and saving Kakkadue.

Since they couldn't go backstage to change costumes, they had arranged it in a very nice way. They brought a coffin on stage with their costumes in it and wore the same basic costume all the way. There was nice lighting and sound effects.

Kandisia wasn't for our target group, but it looked like the kids watching/participating really enjoyed themselves.