High up in the mountains is a musical experience for the little ones. Inside a tent sits a lady dressed in a kind of dress with various instruments around her. When we enter the tent, the lady is playing a mouth harp. She speaks what I think is a fantasy language. She uses her instruments, bells and cymbals. She whistles with her bird and she uses repetition, so when she does something, she often does it one or more times throughout the performance. She also uses the word "cow" as in "cow" quite a lot, and when she lifts the "apron" on her dress, a movie of cows grazing lights up on it from a projector. I'm not in the target audience for this show, but the kids sitting around were having a great time and it seemed like they actually understood what this lady was saying. At the end of the performance, she falls backwards and lands on a blue veil. She gets up, picks up the "stones" around her and hands them out to the children, who were extremely happy to be able to shake them so that they made a sound. The children continued to play the instruments when the lady left, as did Caroline and I.


I think this was a good performance for children aged 0-3 years because the actor was very good at connecting with the children, and because it captures the children's attention. The children quickly become interested and pay attention.


By Tia

Photo: Tine Poppe