What we expect:

We expected it to not really be that good or funny and of course that it should be in a garage. We also expected them to make proper tools.

What is the theme?

We believe that everyone can have a different interpretation of this piece, but the way we interpreted it was that we shouldn't give up and use our imagination about what different things can be used for.

What do we think after the performance:

"We thought the show was a lot of fun compared to what we thought it would be. There was a lot to look at, which meant that you might get a little dizzy. Eventually, they started cooking in a different way than you would have done. We normally use an oven and an oven, but they used different tools to cook with. In the end, they made lots of things that went back and forth at the same time. They also had their own chicken that they got food from. When the different things started to go fast, the hen's life also went fast.

Dina larsen granlund and Oda jensen