Now the newbie (Henning) will tell us about his impressions from the first day of Showbox. This diary will be a daily update where I as a newbie will tell about my impressions, here are the impressions from day 1, Tuesday; 
The first day of Showbox was a day with many highlights for a newbie like me. There were a number of impressions to digest, some of which were easier to digest than others. 
I'd like to start talking about by far the highlight of the day, Uten Genser. This was a real "yes" performance. This was one of the reasons why I joined Showbox. I got to see exactly what I wanted to see, it was fun, it was controversial. It was really good, plain and simple.
One of the other highlights was The Jury, not as funny as Without a Sweater, but this was also really good. I was most impressed by the dancers, how soft they were. I was impressed. The children were also super cute. The children in the background with small heads and big faces, they were really cute.
Then there was the first performance we saw, Peer on a Stool. Beforehand, I had talked to Seda (who you can read about here) So I had sky-high expectations, even though it was early in the morning, I was crazy excited and ready. I don't know the difference between a producer and a director and I was going to the National Theater. It was pretty cool. The performance was fine, but not quite my type, there was too much going on. Too much to keep track of. It was also a bit of a bummer that my leg cramped up in the middle of the performance, because there was far too little legroom, about as much as on a Ryanair flight. You'll have to fix that at the National Theater.
Day 1 was a great day. Fortunately, there were no performances of the kind I've had nightmares about - the ones you don't understand anything about and are just waiting for to finish. For me as a newcomer, it was perfect with a slightly gentle start. This bodes well and I'm looking forward to the next few days.