Panta Rei dance theater's performance at Blå Grotte in Fredrikstad was a performance out of the ordinary. Here, local young people are shown in large dance numbers that look difficult, but which the man in the street could manage with a little explanation and help. In addition, three great dancers danced to live music from two talented musicians.

imagePanta Rei dance theater their project TILT is where the young people participate. The young people from Hvaler ungdomsskole had learned a choreography in just a few hours, and the performance was like clockwork. Young people from the culture school have spent many years learning to dance, but with the help of a couple of good teachers, a great piece was ready in no time. Both pieces showed that you don't need to know much to be able to dance well, few steps and simple movements make the piece great. There were pieces put together by contemporary dance and hip hop, which fit together very well. And the young people seemed to enjoy themselves on stage.


Lullaby performed by Robert Guy, Johnny Austin and Matias Rønningen, three great dancers who got the audience involved in the performance. The story showed us an insight into the lives of three men, a father with two sons, where fights arise from small misunderstandings. The performance was easy to understand after a little while in, arguments, frustration and fights, friendship and enmity. A lot of dancing with a use of chairs and a few other props that fit in to make the dance a theater piece. As an audience member, I was personally invited up on stage to take part in the performance. This gave me an even better view of the performance, considering that it was noticeable that they took this in stride. The music in the performance was great, the musicians Gustavo Tavers and Sverre Indris Joner made the whole hall come alive and be part of the performance, not just play music.


After many impressions from the performance, I got a good feeling when I went home, so I recommend everyone who has the opportunity to see the play, do it!


Contributors to the performance:

Choreographers: Anne Holck Ekenes, Pia Holden and Hélène Blackburn

Composer: Sverre Indris Joner

Musicians: Gustavo Travers and Sverre Indris Joner

Dancers: Robert Guy, Johnny Autin and Matias Rønningen

Dramaturg: Kjell Moberg

Lighting design: Joakim Brink

Costumes: Caroline Drønen Ekornes

Partners: Dansekunst Østfold, The Norwegian Composers' Fund, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Panta Rei Dance Theatre, Østfold Cultural Development and Scenekunst Østfold.


Photo: Trine Sirnes