We are SUS - the young voices of performing arts. Before, during and after Showbox, we will review, interview, discuss and much more. Then we'll post it here on the blog. We're really looking forward to carrying out this project!

We thought we'd introduce ourselves, so here's a little bit about us:

https://www.scenekunstbruket.no/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/416174_330708946950953_469123891_o.jpgName: Joachim Myrvang Løvlihagen
Age: 15 years
Hobbies: Plays drums in the band Inpearlstar together with Une and Johanne from SUS. I also play basketball and hang out with friends.
3 things about me: I am a committed leader, I like to do things things properly and think I have a good sense of humor. I am part of SUS because: I thought this project seemed exciting and therefore wanted to be a part of it. I have seen a number of theater performances before Christmas, and thought it was nice to go to the theater. This is going to be a great project and I can't wait to see the performances.
Fun fact: I played the violin when I was five years old to pick up a girl in kindergarten.

Name: Une Sekkelsten
Age: 15 years
Hobbies: Band (Inpearlstar), piano and singing

3 things about me: I'm a control freak, love to laugh and try to see the positive in things.
I'm in SUS because: I'm interested in theater and dance, and want to help make this project great!
Fun fact: I'm addicted to sleeping glasses...

Name: Kine Brunsell
Age: 15 years
3 things about me: I'm energetic, love music and can be a little blonde at times 😛
Hobbies: I dance modern, jazz, hip hop and classical. I also sing in a choir and play the piano.
I am a member of SUS because: I am very interested in theater and dance, and want to know more. 
Fun fact: My laugh sounds incredibly stupid 🙂 .

Name: Anne Julie
Age: 14 years
Hobbies: Dancing

3 things about me: I'm quiet, creative and silly.
I joined SUS because: I thought it seemed really interesting, but at the same time it's a challenge! I've enjoyed writing for a very long time, and thought media work was something I could work with in the future. I think this is therefore an opportunity to test the profession. It's also a great advantage that we get to go to shows!
Fun fact: I hate Velcro sound! It cuts into my brain.


Name: Henning Driveklepp
Age: 15
3 things about me: perfectionist, part nerd and usually thinks I know.

Leisure: Biathlon and AUF. Love them both!
I'm in SUS because: Because I haven't really been that fond of theater and dance, but hope to get a different view on it now. Therefore, I might look at it from a slightly different angle than the others too.
Fun fact: I make a really weird sound when I drink.

Name: Johanne Prestegård
Age: 15 years
Leisure time: I sing in choirs and in bands and often with friends smile

3 things about me: I I'm shy, patient and easily embarrassed of myself.
I am a member of SUS because: Because I want to see more theater and dance.
Fun fact: I can't stand it when people bite their nails.