Askunu is a Hip Hop group consisting of the two members Dj Slingshot and B da sufi. These guys rap in not only one language but English, French, Norwegian and Wolof. They believe hip hop does not need to be stereotypical and that everyone can do it if you grind. Grinding is a term used to describe working hard and achieving your goals in a fair way. Something important for them is that their rapping is for everyone, even your little sister who is five which we agree on. 


This duo band was very funny, kind, inspirational and energetic. They were also interactive with the audience. Good vibes spread among the crowd as they got us to wave with our hands and feel the music in our hearts. 


In December they will be coming out with a new album called ethnicity. They will also be performing in Oslo on the 30th of November. We would definitely recommend watching! Two of the songs they played were actually from the upcoming album. 


Even though the concert started at 10 am in the morning, they still managed to get the audience to be engaged and even dancing. B da Sufi who is the main rapper had great rhymes and lines and was incredible at making the audience laugh, enjoy the music and feel welcome. It was a definite energy boost and a great start to the day to watch.

written by Freya(15), Liv iza(14) and Thyra(15)