The opening performance yesterday was Aske. This was the highlight of the evening, we all agree! The play is directed by Yngvild Aspeli/Cie Pleux Polaire. "Aske is a different, exciting and powerful play that made an impression on several of us. The director has used several different and interesting effects to convey her message in the best possible way. The use of puppets, workers on stage, bobsleigh, light and sound work well together and give the play a coherent presentation. A bobinet is a transparent screen on which images and text can be displayed. This curtain is also used to create a 3D effect when appropriate. The setting, puppets and actors contribute to a bizarre atmosphere, which nevertheless does not always go too far.

Aske starts with a doll and writing on the bobbinette. This sets the mood. In the rest of the play, we meet several characters and settings in the past, present and future. Gradually, we learn more about what has happened and what is about to happen. From the start, you have ideas about what's going on, but gradually you get new clues, which can make you confused and help you to think differently. The play focuses on challenges in different relationships, including what it can be like to live in a family. "We get to meet characters of different ages and life situations. There aren't that many characters, but we still don't get to know much about them all. There are no lines, but with the help of text on the reel and clear movements, we still understand much of the action.

Ashes can be interpreted and experienced in different ways. When the play is over, you may be left a little confused, even though you've seen a good play. The director wants to talk about the good and the bad in people, and how these sides can influence and sometimes overshadow each other. Among other things, we'll meet an arsonist and a family with different challenges. These characters also affect each other in different ways.

We liked the play a lot. The stage design was interesting, the lighting and sound were good, and there were talented actors. The production was professional and well thought out. If there's one thing we'd like to point out, it's that it wasn't always easy to read the text on the reel, because of the light in the background and because the text disappeared too quickly. This meant that we didn't always fully understand what was happening sometimes. This is still only a minor quibble, and we think the play is one of the best we've seen so far. We would like to thank the group for a great experience and wish them good luck in the future!

We recommend the play for youth and adults. The age limit is 14 years, which we understand. Bring your friends and family for a great theater experience!