Elin Rekdal @ Norsk Scenekunstbruk // 21.03.14

Bakeriet and Til Fyret are two of the productions that have received funding from SPENN for adaptation or revival.

Through our support scheme SPENN, we have carried out an extra round of production funding for performing arts for children and young people, this time only for adaptation and revival. Among the productions that have received support are three dance performances and two theater performances.

A total of 16 applications were processed with a total application amount of NOK 1,271,509. Of the 16, five were granted funding, totaling NOK 200,000. Scenekunstbruket has NOK 400,000 earmarked for revival and adaptation. These are awarded through two application rounds, of which the remaining NOK 200,000 will be awarded in September. It will then also be possible to apply for production funding, from a total pot of NOK 3 million.

Read more about the awards here.