In collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre, Scenekunstbruket, Oslo Teatersenter and Norsk skuespillersenter, GoFigure! invites you to a free two-day workshop with Rene Baker. The workshop is practically oriented and has room for 12 professional performing artists who want to explore or develop their scenic work with objects. The workshop will take place in English.

Rene Baker is a sought-after educator and trainer, and has taught all over the world. From 1998-2005 she taught regularly at the Central School of Speech and Drama (London), from 2005-2010 she taught and directed performances at the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona), and in 2010-12 she was a guest teacher at the Turku Academy of Arts (Finland).

Rene has 32 years of experience in puppetry and object theater, where she has worked as a performer, director, designer, educator and researcher. In 1998 she started to develop her own pedagogy for puppetry and animation/use of objects and materials. Now she is exploring a further use of objects in the performing arts.

Rene Baker says this about the course:
Shifting Focus is a practical course that examines the task of the visible manipulator when humans and objects share the stage. Participants will discover how varying levels of presence and neutrality can be used for dramatic purpose; experience different ways of using their body and mind to shift the focus between performer and object; and practise guiding the spectator's attention so that it is for dramaturgical reasons and not by accident that the audience looks at the actor or the object or both.

You can read more about Rene Baker here.


Workshop with Rene Baker

When: April 25 and 26, 2024 at 10.00 - 16.00
Oslo Teatersenter

Registration: send an email with your name and contact info to info(a)