Scenekunstbruket has set up a cooperation committee with representatives from the county councils, Kulturtanken and Scenekunstbruket.The committee's task is to ensure closer cooperation between the various parts of the performing arts dissemination and a good flow of information, as well as exchange of experience and professional development in the county network in the work with the Cultural Rucksack and in the field of performing arts. 

Among other things, SU will localize current issues and opportunities, as well as plan how and where this will be presented in and for the network.   

Our first collaboration committee has a good breadth in geography and schooling, and reflects the diversity of experiences, challenges and tasks in the field of performing arts in the counties.  

Scenekunstbrukets Samarbeidsutvalg 2020/2021:  

Anders Gaarder Karterudseter, consultant for performing arts in DKS Oslo
Anette Storli Andersen, coordinator for performing arts in DKS Vestfold & Telemark
Anna Josefine Kvaløsæter, responsible for performing arts in DKS Trøndelag and UKM
GuroStrand, main responsibility for performing arts in primary schools in DKS Vestland
Ida Hevrøy, producer for performing arts in DKS Nordland
Katrine Kirsebom Pettersen, advisor for performing arts in DKS Viken
Ragnhild Tronstad, responsible for performing arts in Kulturtanken 

From Scenekunstbruket sitting:

Ådne Sekkelsten, CEO
Gabrielle Haga, technical advisor
Vidar Thorbjørnsen, Chairman of the Board  

On Wednesday, April 22, we had our first meeting in SU, where the conversation naturally revolved around the situation around the infection control measures, and the consequences this has for the performing arts in general, and the offer to children and young people through DKS in the current school year in particular.