- Communication, quality and expertise

The performing arts industry takes a very positive view of the cultural report's focus on dissemination, audience-oriented activities and quality, as well as an increased focus on the Cultural Rucksack in the future. It is great that the cultural foundation is highlighted. Without this, the Performing Arts Foundation would have nothing to stand on. We are also pleased that the report highlights shortcomings.

The Cultural Rucksack consists of many different actors from national to local level, with different needs and strengths, but we feel that the report is not precise enough in defining the different actors.

In 2010, the increase in funding for Scenekunstbruket was directly related to increased audience numbers and productions. Despite this, there is no mention of increased funding for the performing arts organization's dissemination other than in general terms under the strengthening of the Cultural Rucksack. We find this worrying in relation to the visibility of both our work at the central level, as well as the work done regionally and locally.


The cultural review focuses on dissemination, quality and competence; fields Scenekunstbruket works actively with.


Dissemination and audiences
Last year, Scenekunstbruket's repertoire had an audience of 272,202 children and young people across 18 counties. Through The Cultural Rucksack, we provide cultural membership regardless of background and Scenekunstbruket is the largest communicator of performing arts to a younger target group in Norway.

When the cultural inquiry wants to increase the content of the various art and culture centers, we can be an important player and supporter, with an already broad repertoire and well-established dissemination system. We also want to present performances from regional and national institutional theaters. However, this will require a significant increase in funding.

As mentioned, we see a direct correlation between increased funding, more performances and increased audience numbers. Through The Cultural Rucksack, the performing arts sector has played a significant role in increasing the audience for the independent performing arts.

Quality assessment
Scenekunstbruket assesses the quality of performances in collaboration with the artistic council and in close dialogue with the county network. Emphasis is placed on artistic quality, and that the repertoire should show a diversity of forms of expression and formats. We see it as important to have an ongoing dialog about what quality means. The repertoire and the network ensure that children and young people have access to high-quality art, regardless of their place of residence and local offerings.

Competence and expertise
Increased quality requires increased knowledge, and competence-building measures for both performing artists and organizers are central to Scenekunstbruket's work. The performing arts festival Showbox, network meetings and seminars are important tools. We also produce and facilitate recordings of seminars and debates for our own web TV channel, Kanal scenekunst. In this way, we ensure that important input does not disappear and that more people have access to the knowledge exchanges.