Scenekunstbruket celebrates 25 years and launches the award Gulljerven
Photo: Matthias Kabel / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

What better way to celebrate yourself than to hand out awards to others?

We have long wanted to award a performing arts prize to everyone who works and works hard in the field of performing arts for children and young people. That's why we're awarding GULLJERVEN, a newly established performing arts award that will honor artists, companies, performers, technicians, tour organizers and everyone else who works to bring the performing arts to children and young people in every corner of Norway.

Gulljerven will be awarded on Thursday, December 5, during this year's Showbox Festival in Oslo.

Gulljerven are awarded in the following categories:

The granddaddy of them all

This award should go to someone who has been around for a long time. The nomination should be well justified.

The most convoluted tour leg of all time

This award goes to a tour manager or organizer who has put together a complicated, extremely efficient, very tight, very flexible tour. It can also go to a tour organizer who always answers the phone, who always finds smart solutions and who always manages to work around illness, cancellations and unforeseen events for the benefit of the athletes on the road.

The messiest touring car of the year

This award goes to a touring car in which you can clearly see traces of the company, or individual performers, having moved in. The award is received by the responsible performer(s).

This year's feedback

This award goes to the best feedback a performer or group has received from their audience (teacher or student). It doesn't have to be a positive review of the performance. It can just as easily be strange, incomprehensible, furious feedback. The feedback is nominated as a "quote". Also state which performance the feedback applies to.

Cable puller of the year

This award goes to a steady technician who
knows how to pull their cable. It can also go to a dancer, actor or performer who
performer who shows strong commitment and exquisite precision during up and
down rigging.

Partner of the year at home alone award

This award goes to the best partner who puts up with their partner, boyfriend or girlfriend living most of their life on the road. It can also go to the most exhausted partner, who has a partner, spouse or boyfriend who mostly meets on weekends.

Open class

You can justify this award yourself. The nominee can be in production, administration, performer or technician.


And now we need your help! The nominations will come from you who travel around on tour, and all of you in counties, municipalities and others who work daily to facilitate good performing arts experiences for young people around the country.

You nominate your candidates for the award via this form. Enter the nominee's name, the award category, a reason for the nomination and your own name (the nomination cannot be anonymous). If you have a photo documenting the nominee, this is great. Send the photo as an attachment, at the bottom of the same form.