tg.performance.ritual creates situations and performances where the form is inspired by the ritual through the naive, simple and sentimental in the meeting with more urban forms of expression such as concerts, happenings, performances and site-specific works. WHITE / SPOT is an interactive on-going performance work that was started in May during Oslo Open this year. It invites a multi-level conversation, both interactive and indirect, about the possible change of icons and their symbolic value and meaning today. Short sound images, text fragments and short movement sequences take place in a landscape, a space into which the spectator is eventually invited. The performer moves on a scale from non-acting, everyday and direct approach, to distanced slipping into the image in the room. The various layers of image creation and interactivity draw their inspiration from rituals, lectures, concerts, etc. The space is constantly changing throughout and between each show. The focus is interdisciplinary. The artist is responsible for all parts of the work: Space, sound, costume, text and performance.

25 minutes

Max capacity:

60 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 5-10. Height: 3-5. Depth: 5-10

Carrying help:

standard power outlet on 2 walls, preferably along the floor

Comments on the workshop:
Workshops related to space and place: -The project can be developed into an active project for a group of pupils who can do a workshop to find the venue in their school and prepare it according to guidelines from the artist. -The students can be led through their own process of creating their own space with x number of elements. -The venue can also be in a public space and require slightly different resources, but can involve the school in a different way as a collaborative project with the artist. You can look in the local community for a place that meets the content and framework. The artist can also choose a framework for the choice of location in the public space. In other words, impose restrictions on the choice of location. Relevant locations: Adjacent to the local library (inside); point outside that can be seen from a distance, with open space around it, preferably on a hill; adjacent to a second-hand shop/or shop with many things, inside/outside. Time frame: Preferably 1 week with half days or 3 days with full days

Tone Alvilde Gellein

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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Tone Alvilde Gellein