Experience a coming-of-age story inspired by myths and fairy tales. We meet the boy who tries to put together pieces of a childhood characterized by addiction and neglect, while this story unfolds for the audience for the first time.

In The Way Its Face, we meet the boy in a home filled with love. But the father begins to change and the caring role gradually shifts from father to son, until the mother throws the father out. Then begins the boy's journey in search of his father. The northern Norwegian cityscape of Tromsø becomes an arena for a magical adventure that grows out of grief. We follow the boy who, in order to understand himself, must understand his father, who has almost become a mythical figure in his life. Along the way, Gutten has good helpers, including his little brother, a fat cat and his classmate Marte.

85 minutes

Set up:
75 minutes

30 minutes

Stage size:
Can be customized, but minimum 6x4m.

Audience placement:

Technical equipment (must be rented or brought):
Ideal technical rider: LIGHT - Side lights (2 options): Preferably: 6 profiles (3 on each side) with zoom lens 25-50 and RGBAL source (or something else that is more than RGB) with 16-bit dimming. If that is not possible: Slightly simpler LED pair, then 12 pcs. for even enough spread. (Nice if 4 of them can have barn doors to prevent leakage on the backdrop). - 6 stands for side lights - Rear light 10 LED zoom pairs (5 on two pulls). - Front light: 6 pcs. RUSH MH 6 Wash or similar. - 1 DMX-controlled hazer - 1 MA 3 or 2 of any kind SOUND - 4 mosquitoes (incl transmitter and receiver) - 1 sound mixer OTHER - mac with QLab But the performance can also be done with a simplified lighting design.

Julian Karenga
Director, Playwright/text

Hedvig Bergem Søiland

Fanny Bjørn
Set design, Costumes

Phillipe Schneider
Lighting design, Technician

Amund Ulvestad

Thor Normann

Nami Kitagwa Aam

Ingrid Steinholt Mortensen

Kaleb Haile

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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