Tordenskjold was perhaps not a good man, seen with the eyes of our time. He was a slave trader, a complacent and ruthless warrior. But he was skilled, imaginative - and clearly a tough guy, so let's put aside our objections and follow this fascinating man in Turnékompaniet's performance. The story stretches from his escape to Trondheim as a 14-year-old tailor, until 16 years later when he joins Swedish Colonel Stahl's long prickly oar through life in a potato field outside Hanover. By this time, Tordenskjold had become a famous and notorious admiral.The production is produced by Turneorganisasjonen i Hedmark, and later taken over by Turnékompaniet.The brothers Anders, Jonas and Peter Kippersund share the performance. In other words, they are offering three similar, yet very different Tordenskjolder; in three different locations, yet at the same time, if desired!

45 minutes

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Set up:
20 minutes

20 minutes

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Width: 4; Height: 3 Depth: 3

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In connection with school performances: Get in touch and we'll send teacher info. Otherwise, our educational specialties are Stage Combat, Improvisation and Acting Technique.

Jonas Kippersund

Sarah Jaggi

Insomnia Kulturproduksjoner

Jonas (Anders/Peter) Kippersund

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