A musical monologue about homesickness and wanderlust. Based on the lyrics from "Little green picture in a big blue frame" by Herbjørg Wassmo. Music by Petter Henriksen (known as the songwriter for the Kari Bremnes albums Mitt ville hjerte and Blå krukke. The music is concert music but also theater music in the intersection between classical, song and cabaret.

In a simple setting, the actress and musicians take us on a philosophical journey through childhood memories and dreams of reaching the unknown world on the other side of the mountains and the sea. She longs for her childhood home but doesn't want to move back. In her reflections, she discovers the child in her that is still there and feelings from her childhood that are still there as an adult. But where exactly is home? Are you at home when you have "the tone"? What is this tone? Are there fluctuations in you that were there when you were born and need to be constantly searched for to be in balance in life? "She went home and felt that it was gone, she went away and felt that she was home. Then she stayed there and was home away, while away was where she had to travel to get home." quote "Ho" With humor and reflection, it is about a child who feels different, who feels that life wants something from her and who dares to break free and go her own way.

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60 minutes

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60 minutes

30 minutes

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Width: 5 Depth: 6

Eva Dons

Jan Olav Renvåg

Morten Reppesgård

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