The scout troop guides us to a camp: A scientist presents his results to a committee. The subject or discipline he is being tested in is a little uncertain, but during the hour the test lasts, he manages to present a bunch of tests done on a selection of test subjects.

One of these tests is somewhat akin to Martin Seligman's famous dog trials with electric shocks, after which he launches theories about learned helplessness After a promising start, the candidate gets into so much trouble that he is eventually rejected and failed by what could have been his future colleagues. The Anatomy of Powerlessness Into the test zone.

Where the state, society and schools talk loudly about the young person's potential and development opportunities, a new "naturalistic" research is now talking louder and louder about the static, the innate and the natural. What happens when the "loser" in the face of popular science, TV entertainment and internet tests begins to see himself as nature? What new and hitherto unknown dramas are produced when new naturalistic research creeps out of laboratory windows, becomes talk show entertainment on state channels before ending up as part of our understanding of ourselves?

Ressentiment is a term that denotes a frustration that originates in a deep sense of powerlessness. As a "visual radio play" in a chamber music exchange between stage and music, Tore Vagn Lid's new piece explores the anatomy of such powerlessness.

Producer: Transiteatret-Bergen in collaboration with Bergen Center for Electronic Arts Co-producers: BIT-Teatergarasjen, Den Nationale Scene, Kunstnerhuset Wrap and Black Box Teater.

Supported by:, Arts Council Norway, Kunstløftet and Bergen Municipality.

Thanks to Helge Holgersen for useful advice and input.


A lesson in powerlessness

Real and important from

Tore Vagn Lid

Tor Christian F Bleikli

Thorolf Thuestad

Kyrre Bjørkås

Mona Solhaug

Roar Sletteland

Thomas Valeur

Hilde Annine Hasselberg

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