- NORDTING is - in contrast to Storting - a thing for the north.

- NORDTING is a mix of public meeting, party performance and political powerpoint lecture.

- NORDTING seeks to put into play questions about oil, art and power in a local context.

In contrast to the Storting, NORDTING is a mobile public assembly for the North. Nordting is a mixture of festive performance, public meeting and political powerpoint lecture. It addresses both major issues related to power, resources and money in the North, but also specific issues that affect the place and the local community. The project changes and becomes relevant for each school visited. There will be local stories, local guests and local issues to vote on.

For or against farmed salmon and oil drilling in Tromsøflaket? For or against Nynorsk sidemål and elective scooter driving? For or against Northern Norway as a separate state? The student council will provide input on issues, the mayor will give an opening speech and we would very much like students who play instruments to join us on stage.

The first NORDTING took place in Harstad as the opening of the Festival of Northern Norway in 2014. By the end of 2018, 34 Things had been held, from Honningsvåg in the north to Oslo in the south, from Vardø in the east to Træna in the west. The project has received a tremendous reception, it has been written page after page in the media, people have come flocking, the discussion has been loud; both about the role of art and about the political content.

120 minutes

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Must be rented.

Amund Sjølie Sveen

Liv Hanne Haugen

Erik Stifjell

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In addition, there are costs for a day of preparation with a selection of young people/audience. From August 1, the prices are GP A NOK. 19 790,- / GP B kr. 20 560-

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