Two men, machines, mechanics and a chicken

Garage is a humorous and noisy theater performance that smells of oil and gasoline. The action takes place in a mechanical workshop environment where we meet two guys in dirty overalls. They are passionate and curious, with a strong fascination for how everything around them works. They have machines and engines that can solve the challenges they encounter during the day. 

A hen also lives in the workshop. The hen lays a new egg every day and is the mechanics' only source of food. What happens if one day the hen lays more eggs? And what if the source of food one day disappears?

Through humor and fascination, curiosity for mechanics and creativity is created. This is a performance in which the poetry lies in the ugly and unkempt, not in the aesthetically beautiful and clean.

Garage is developed by Turnéteatret i Trøndelag and Cirka Teater in Trondheim. The production is produced with support from Norsk Kulturfond, Trondheim municipality and Spenn.

Gilles Berger won the Hedda Award 2018 for best stage design with Garage. The production was also nominated for the award for best children's production.

Set up:
180 minutes

120 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 8; Height: 8 Depth: 4-5

Must be blended:

3 circuits of 16 amps, optionally one three-phase outlet

Gilles Berger

Paal Viken Bakke

Espen Dekko

Basic price A
12 120

Basic price B
12 380

Add to price
When moving, 3 pieces on tour: Plus travel, per diem and accommodation.

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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